Legacies Campaign Adventures in Saggakar

The following are every adventures set in the Saggakar setting for the Legacies campaign. These adventures are set in year 1 of the campaign.

TOS1-00 Out of the Mists by JP Chapleau
        You fall. No. More like flying, yes you are flying. All around you is a pink-colored cloud. Gently, as a feather you are standing on solid ground. Movement. Shapes in the Mists all around you, you are not alone. An adventure for APLs 3-9

TOS1-01 In the ArchDespot's Service by JP Chapleau
        The ArchDespot of Faremh has need of your services to deliver his latest edict. If it were as simple as delivering a letter, why would he need the assistance of a group of adventurers? There are two things that one cannot avoid in life, which of these certainties are you delivering? An adventure for APLs 3-5

TOS1-02 The Jet Virgin by JP Chapleau
        Dynastic ambitions are not only important to the stability of an empire; they also assure that it cannot fall into decadence. The ArchDespot needs to ensure his line, but so does the Despot of Hellsmere. Between them, a bargain was struck, one that could ensure the stability of the ArchDespotate. There is just a small affair of taking the prospective bride on a short pilgrimage. An adventure for APLs 3-7

TOS1-03 Wilderness of the Mind by JP Chapleau
        Spring has finally come to Spiderfen. With spring comes new beginnings, and a lady has need of one such beginning, or does she need resolution? This adventure uses much material from Ultimate Psionics by Dreamscarred Press, its use is recommended. An adventure for APLs 3-9

TOS1-04 House of Mirrors by James McTeague
        MURDER! MURDER MOST FOUL! People in glasses houses should not throw stones, but which of the suspects is the guilty one? An adventure for APLs 3-7

TOS1-05 Path to Ambition by Randy Price
        Pearched in the Markhem Peaks, the city-states of Onero enjoys freedom from the ArchDespotate's harsh laws. However, a rash of recent crimes forces the Lady-Mayor to call on outside help. An adventure for APLs 3-7

TOS1-06 And Everything Nice by JP Chapleau
        Banditry is too common occurence in the ArchDespotate. The long gauntleted arm of the law is swift, brutal, and merciless. When rumors of sabotage and commercial interference between the great houses may lead to more violence, impartial justice must be dispensed. An adventure for APLs 3-7

TOS1-07 Doud where's my cart? by JP Chapleau
        It started with a bard's song and an evening of entertainment. Somehow you got involved in this mad plot that might destroy all of Saggakar. An adventure for APLs 3-7

TOS1-08 Sailing down the Kiflan by JP Chapleau
        Winter is coming. Before it arrives, a few final deliveries must be made to ensure the survival of isolated settlements in the Spiderfen Forest. An adventure for APLs 3-7

TOS1-09 One Final Night of Freedom by JP Chapleau
        The ArchDespot settled his affection on Lady Hellebora of House Tioten. The wedding will cement an alliance that will ensure peace for a long time. All the bride needs to do is survive one final night of freedom. An adventure for APLs 3-7

TOS1-I02 Something borrowed, something blew by JP Chapleau
        After a courtship that lasted most of the year, the wedding of ArchDespot Gaztokell and Lady Hellebora of House Tioten is here. Love and dynastic marriage only begets jealousy and ambitions. An adventure for APLs 3-15 This adventure is retired and no longer available for play.

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