Legacies Organized Play Campaign

The Legacies Organized Play Campaign is a worldwide campaign where you, the players, get to make choices that affect the world. These changes are reflected in the on-going campaign. As you play more, you will compile a series of these choices, forming your legacy.

As you play, your character will level up, make friends and enemies, earn gold and rewards. You can bring these rewards with you to any Legacies campaign table using the same rule set (as of right now, we are running games using Dungeaons and Dragons 5th edition and the Pathfinder RPG).

Beginning your Legacy

Join our Facebook Community We have a thriving community of players in our Facebook group. We organize games there all the time online and in person.

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Our campaign toolkit - By FOE. Our free bundle with out Iconics, campaign guides to craft and cohorts, and a number of LR for adventures by other
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