News and Releases

FOE looking for GMs for Origins - 2018/01/03
The new year is barely upon us that already we are thinking of the busy summer con seasons. FOE is looking for volunteers to help run events at Origins in Columbus OH.

Rhym 01 Black Sails released - 2018/01/02
For 5th Edition, this adventure is the first of the Rhym adventures to be published. It is fully compatible with the Legacies campaign.

Tyrants of Saggakar: Spiderfen Terror in the Trees released - 2017/12/17
For both Pathfinder And 5th Edition, this setting book presents the city and forest of Spiderfen, seat of power of House Faremhi and their army of slaves. Yet there is more hiding under the dark green canopy of the forest than slaves and First Ones.

Upcoming Events

MidSouthCon 2018 in Memphis, TN - 2018/03/09 - 2018/03/11
After a year's iatus, We are go back to Memphis to run some Saggakar and Rhym

Weekend in Rokugan in St Louis, MO - 2018/03/16 - 2018/03/18
Although FOE will not run events there, we will be on hand to meet everyone

Lexicon 2018 in Lexington, KY - 2018/04/20 - 2018/04/22
We will return to Lexington, KY to run some new material, and a special

Origins 2018 in Columbus, OH - 2018/06/13 - 2018/06/17
FOE will run events at Origins

Gencon 2018 in Indianapolis, IN - 2018/08/02 - 2018/08/05
FOE will run events at Gencon

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